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The Results Are In: Foster Parents Appreciate You!

As we gear up for the 2023 holiday season, our volunteers are reflecting on the work we did in 2022. Like we've said before, our work — and your contributions — affect people beyond the foster children who get to open gifts on Christmas morning. They also impact the social workers who want to see foster kids thrive and the foster parents who worry about creating a happy and memorable holiday. Your generosity has a ripple effect!

To make sure we're doing our best for everyone involved, we recently requested feedback from foster parents whose children received presents from Fostering Christmas last year. We’ve heard from more than a dozen respondents so far, and we were touched by many of their comments!

One foster parent, Christie, told us, “Our foster son was so shocked that people cared about him.” That knowledge can mean so much to a struggling child.

Another foster parent, Angie, shared, “It was a blessing to have special gifts picked for our foster daughter.” Kimberly pointed to her foster children’s joy on Christmas morning, saying, “We got so many great surprises! The boys were truly excited!”

Meanwhile, an anonymous foster parent shared a story about their 2-year-old foster son who received a Cozy Coupe. “I knew he’d love it, and he did,” they said. “He drove that thing around our house for months ’til it was warm enough to take it outside.”

Heather spoke of how working with Fostering Christmas impacted her entire family. “While foster families are in a state of ever-changing variables, one thing we didn’t have to worry much about was whether or not we would be able to figure out meaningful Christmas gifts for the kiddos in our home,” she said. “Watching the kids open gifts that were perfect for them was an amazing experience for all of us.”

One foster parent, Christie, told us, “Our foster son was so shocked that people cared about him.”

Finally, another anonymous foster parent shared their thoughts on the power of community. They said, “Everyone’s generosity was amazing. It was overwhelming the response we got in presents. I love the giving community we are part of where people like to make happy holiday memories for kids.”

Thank you so much to every foster parent who has replied to our survey. We’re thrilled that your feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We also appreciate the suggestions on how we can improve. Your thoughts matter to us, and we are looking into your ideas!

If you have foster kids who received gifts from Fostering Christmas last year and you haven’t yet completed the survey, we would still love your feedback. Completing the survey will only take a few minutes of your time, but it will make a big difference to our 2023 efforts. Thank you in advance!

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