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‘Normalcy And Joy’: What Your Gifts Mean To Foster Kids

Thank you again to all the foster parents who have taken the time to complete our 2022 survey. Your willingness to share your experiences with our Christmas drive last year has given us the motivation we need to create another joyful season in 2023. Our work requires a lot of planning, organizing, and stamina, and lists will start pouring in before we know it. Your kind words have come at precisely the right time!

While we appreciate all the feedback we received, a few particularly thoughtful responses had a tremendous impact. The story below from foster parent Megan warmed our hearts so much we’d like to share it with you in full. Here's what Megan said:

The child I had last year was an infant. I request[ed] a book, a teether, and a pajama [set]. The baby received so many gifts! An assortment of perfect teethers, a number of board books and some books for when she is a little older, pajamas, and a number of outfits! The baby moved to a biological grandparent soon after the holidays, and I was able to send all of the things with her. It was so wonderful to have new clothes that she would grow into to send! I am sure it is frustrating to not always get feedback and thanks from such an extensive gift drive. But you can tell donors that the gifts take a burden off their caregivers, and the gifts provide a sense of normalcy and joy for the child. I have a little girl who lived with me almost 7 years ago. She lives with her parents now, but she still talks about the Christmas she had in my home in foster care. In the middle of all the bad she experienced, those gifts made her feel special and seen. And I was able to give her a big Christmas that year only because of donors who were generous and thoughtful and tried to find what she hoped for.

This story reminded us that the impact of our donors' giving extends far beyond Christmas morning. Last year’s presents served more than an immediate need or want — they provided a family with some essential resources for adjusting to a new baby. Meanwhile, the little girl from 7 years ago has grown up a lot but still remembers your generosity. Your gifts were more than a pile under the Christmas tree; they were a reminder that people cared about her during a turbulent time. Stories like these are exactly why we do this work.

If you’re a foster parent whose foster children received our support last year, there’s still time to share your feedback! Click this link to fill out our form. We want your thoughts on what we’ve done well and how to improve. Completing the survey will only take a few minutes, and your responses will greatly enhance our 2023 efforts. Please take a moment to share your experience!

To our donors and volunteers, we hope the above message reminds you of how much your contributions matter. Christmas is right around the corner, and we’ll need your continued support to make a difference in 2023.

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