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4 Ways to Volunteer With Fostering Christmas

Fostering Christmas couldn’t make any holiday miracles happen without the support of our community in Canyon County. We rely on everyday people from all walks of life to make foster children’s Christmas dreams come true.

We love to see our community get involved by selecting a wish list or making a financial contribution to the cause. But we also know that money can be tight around the holidays, and not everyone has the resources to contribute. Other people shop for a wish list but want to take their work with Fostering Christmas a step further.

We’re excited to announce that for the second year in a row, Fostering Christmas will be accepting volunteers to help us with the monumental task of distributing hundreds of gifts to kids in need each year. Read on to learn four ways you can get involved without opening your wallet.

Sort Gifts

Gifts typically begin coming in at the end of November, and we could use your help making sure everything gets where it needs to go. It gets particularly tricky when packages from online retailers are delivered straight to our offices — sometimes with information about the recipient, and sometimes not. With piles of clothing, toys, and electronics everywhere, we need to organize everything before social workers can begin picking up and distributing them.

We’ll need volunteers to help us catalog each present, confirm the child it’s going to, check it off a list, and number it for easy reference later. We’d love the extra sets of hands or organizational whizzes out there who can help simplify the process for everyone.

Help Us Shop!

One of the last things Fostering Christmas does every year is determine which gifts are still needed and purchase them with monetary donations from the community. That means we go on a BIG shopping trip with multiple carts and volunteers. We will provide each volunteer with lists so we can divide and conquer this colossal task.

This year’s shopping date is yet to be decided, but we usually venture out a few days before Christmas. If you’re a shopaholic with some free time leading up to the holiday, this is the perfect volunteer opportunity!

Spread the Word

Each one of us has a budget and can only do so much. But we can all do more together when additional people join our efforts. Even if you don’t have the time or funds to participate, you may know someone who can. That connection could be the start of something great.

So, tell your friends and family about us! Share our blog posts on social media, or make a post about why you hope others will get involved. Mention it to coworkers or neighbors, and consider pooling resources with others to create a more significant impact. We can get a lot done if everyone does a little!

Provide Gifts in Kind

One of our favorite things about Fostering Christmas is how many people want to get involved. In 2021, local businesses donated gift cards for complimentary products or services kids can use. These are a great addition to any goody bag a child opens on Christmas morning. And if you own a business — or have the ear of someone who does — you can ensure the giving continues into the new year.

Do you know a local franchisee who can provide fast food gift cards? How about a hairstylist who can offer vouchers for free cuts? Get creative — if it’s a service kids or teens could use, we’d likely love to have it.

Are you excited and ready to go? Let us know! Please fill out the contact form on our website or email Please include your name, contact information, and preferred contact method so we can get back to you quickly.

This process doesn’t only take money — it also takes incredible community members like you who are willing to get involved. If you’d like to make a difference in the lives of foster children, contact us now!

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