Saving Christmas for the Kids Who Need It Most

Children in the foster care system already go without so much: a stable home, parents who can support them, and even a life with their siblings. They shouldn’t have to go without Christmas, too. 


Yet many do. Here in Idaho, foster kids who enter the system after Thanksgiving don’t get presents for Christmas. Foster parents do what they can, but the state just can’t meet the demand.  


But we can — if you’re willing to join us.


Entrepreneur Shaun Buck has been bringing Christmas to foster kids since 2014, when he first learned that hundreds of local children wouldn’t have any presents come Christmas morning. He made a promise that no foster child in Canyon County would go without a present that year — and he kept it!


Shaun made the same pledge the next year, and the next, and a small promise grew into a big undertaking to reach more kids in more counties and make more Christmas mornings the way they should be. Because it’s not just about presents under the tree. It’s about sending a message to the kids who need it most: You matter. People love you. Your community cares.


And yet … the need is still there. Many children enter Idaho’s foster care system during the holiday season. For them, there isn’t much to celebrate.


You can change that. You can give them one thing to celebrate and bring them a little joy on Christmas morning. How? It’s as simple as sending an email to or calling (208) 609-4554. We’ll send you a foster kid’s wish list so you can pick out a gift (or two!) and send it to us directly.


Or, you can just click the button below to donate. We’ll use your generous gift to purchase presents for these children on your behalf. And don’t worry, Santa himself will sign the card!

*All donations are tax-deductible and 100% goes to purchasing Christmas gifts. There are ZERO overhead or admin costs.

Letters From the Foster Parents

"The holidays went well. My foster son was so excited to get the gifts from 'Foster Santa' (as the gift tags read). He would like to thank everyone who showed compassion for the program and provided him such awesome gifts; they are truly what the spirit of giving is." 

"We would like to thank everyone who made the kiddos Christmas AMAZING! This was their first real Christmas, and they were so happy! Thank you to everyone!"

"My kiddo had the best Christmas ever. Her eyes were as big as half dollars Christmas morning, and she said it was the best day ever. Thank you all so much. She loved everything, and it was awesome!"

"Our foster daughter was absolutely delighted with her presents, including an MP3 player. Getting showered with so many teen-specific gifts made her feel really special. She said it was the best Christmas she's ever had. Thanks so much for your support."  






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