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YOU Can Be The Bright Spot In 2021 For A Foster Kid

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Boy and woman fist bumping in front of the fire.
Help Fostering Christmas Save The Holidays!

For most of us, the foster care system seems far away. But for the children in it, it’s their entire lives. Living with a stranger, no matter how kind, can be scary and disorienting. It means separation from their family and possibly their siblings. Imagine being in their shoes and thinking about Christmas. It’s a time of year when they’re supposed to be surrounded by the people they love. For these kids, the idea of Christmas itself seems very far away.

Fostering Christmas is here to bring Christmas back to them.

Every year, we partner with businesses, community leaders, and everyday folks to deliver presents to the kids in foster care who enter the program after Thanksgiving. These are the ones who don’t get presents unless we do something. Can you think of anybody more deserving than these kids?

Imagine what 2021 has been like for them. The pandemic has affected all of us, but it’s put a strain on the foster care system especially. When a parent can no longer take care of their children, those kids often end up with a grandparent or other elderly family member. And that’s the exact group COVID-19 has hit hardest.

Our partners tell us Fostering Christmas is going to have its busiest year yet. We’re ready for the challenge, but we need your help to meet it. Please call us (208-609-4554), email us (, or click this link to choose the wish list of a child in need.

Please consider sharing this post to help get the word out. Thank you!

The nonprofit Fostering Christmas was created by Newsletter Pro CEO Shaun Buck when he first started helping foster kids in 2014. Learn more at

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