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The First Wish Lists Have Arrived!

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

It’s the most exciting time of the year — when we receive our first Fostering Christmas wish lists! They always begin as just a trickle, but the lists and donated gifts will soon flood our offices. Before the season gets too hectic, we wanted to provide a behind-the-scenes look at what the foster children we’re supporting want this Christmas.

Protecting the children we serve is paramount, so we can’t share many details about them for privacy reasons. But looking at the first lists we’ve received, images of the children who made them can’t help but fill your head. With only a few words, their personalities leap off the page.

First up is 8-year-old Isabel, a “girly girl” who wants a Barbie Dream House, Barbies to go in it, and a necklace maker. Meanwhile, 10-year-old tomboy Ariyah asked for art supplies, boys sweaters, and anything with fire or skulls. Twelve-year-old Ezekial loves Xbox, track, and reading — he wants new track shoes, an Xbox gift card, and “Percy Jackson” novels.

Kids of all ages benefit from Fostering Christmas, some of whom are still too small to walk or talk. Our youngest child so far is 10-month-old Tyler, whose foster parents have asked for pull toys and learning toys that will help with his fine motor skills. Eighteen-month-old Elysian — who has a 7-month-old brother living elsewhere — loves driving toy cars, stacking objects up, and knocking them down. He’d like cars and a buckle toy with latches, knobs, and buttons.

Many children enter foster care with siblings, so it’s no surprise to see brothers and sisters appear on the list together. One foursome is already on the list, consisting of 7-year-old Kennedy, 3-year-old Nevaeh, 2-year-old Braylen, and 20-month-old Annelyce. Kennedy loves cats, drawings, and Legos; she asked for a “My Little Pony” game, a children’s digital camera, and a diary to record her thoughts. Nevaeh loves dinosaurs and asked for a stuffed pink one, along with a play phone. The youngest siblings, Braylen and Annelyce, would like ride-on toys, with Braylen also hoping for a blanket and Annelyce a soft, kid-sized chair.

We look forward to providing these kids with the holiday they deserve! Because of our histories, many of us feel drawn to select specific kids. Whether you feel more passionate about helping 2-year-old John, who wants a DUPLO truck, 5-year-old Adaliah, who asked for coloring books and a pink raincoat, or 8-year-old Keagan wishing for a Captain America outfit, we’re sure there’s a child on the list who will tug your heartstrings.

Find the kid(s) you want to support by viewing the available lists today! Once the children mentioned in this blog post are claimed, hundreds more wish lists will be available. With your help, we can give every child who has recently entered foster care in Idaho a Christmas they’ll remember for years to come.

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