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Santa Came!

You Created Christmas Morning Magic

Season’s Greetings! Everyone here at Fostering Christmas hopes that you and your loved ones had a joyous Christmas celebration filled with everything your heart desires. Thanks to you, we know that hundreds of foster children had the best holiday they could have hoped for.

We’re so grateful to our sponsors, donors, and volunteers for their contributions this year. Thanks to their generosity, kids under challenging circumstances woke up to presents under their Christmas trees. Those gifts represented more than just a new toy or electronic device. They provided foster children, who have had their entire worlds turned upside down, a sense of normalcy among the confusion.

Even more than that, the contributions we received told these kids that someone cares about them. Despite the problems and disruptions in their families, your gifts reminded foster children that they matter. That’s invaluable to any child, whether a tiny toddler or a young college student. Our social workers have shared that they saw the meaning behind our gifts in the face of every foster parent who received them ahead of Christmas morning.

We’ll have more details about your total contributions and the number of children you helped in the following weeks. Stay tuned for a full report! In the meantime, we want you to know how grateful we — and every child we touched this year — are for your support. Have a blessed continuation of your holiday celebrations in the coming days; we hope you can spend them with those who matter most.

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