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Making a List, Checking It Twice

Every child deserves a happy holiday, from the tiniest baby to the most self-sufficient young adult. As Fostering Christmas continues receiving wish lists, we’re learning more about the needs and wants of local foster children, big and small. There are too many wishes to list here (you’ll have to look for yourself), but we want to share a handful of specific asks from the children we’re serving.

Sadly, even the smallest children end up in foster care, sometimes before they’re old enough to walk or talk. Six-month-old Levon is among them, and his caregivers would love for him to have a baby jumper, teething toys, and more clothes to wear. The toddler set can provide a bit more input into their Christmas lists. Mia, 16 months old and living in a foster home with Levon, hopes to get a stroller for her doll and DUPLO blocks she can use to build.

Meanwhile, 1-year-old Mollie hopes for a baby doll and a play kitchen. Twenty-month-old Beckham loves to snuggle in a blanket while an adult reads to him. He wants more toys and books and needs warm clothes for the winter. Skyla, who is turning 2 shortly before Christmas, loves the movie “Encanto” and the TV show “Bluey.” She would love any presents related to her favorite cartoons, educational toys, and a toddler bed.

Once the kids get older, their interests become more diverse. Amiyah, 7, wants a tablet, hoverboard, and LOL dolls, while 6-year-old Alaina wants a doggy daycare and remote control car. Another 7-year-old, Piper, asked for dress-up clothes and make-up, and Jaxon, age 8, is hoping for a drone and a nerf gun. A 6-year-old autistic boy named Logan wants games for his PlayStation, sensory toys, and anything to do with dinosaurs.

We can’t forget about the teens. Thirteen-year-old Kaydence, who loves drawing and playing music, asked for a six-string bass guitar and a quality recorder. Drake, 16, wants a sketchbook to draw tattoo designs, sports gloves, and a football. Brianna, age 17, has a bit more on her plate — she’s a mom to a baby boy. She’d love a laptop and speakers this year.

Young adults also dot the wishlists. It’s very common for those in their late teens and early 20s to still live with their parents or receive their financial support. That’s not the case for foster children. They receive some support from the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, but they’re otherwise alone. While young adults are well past their Santa years, they also deserve our help. Often, they want assistance with basic living expenses.

Kendall is an 18-year-old who loves cooking, and she would appreciate an herb kit she can grow by her windowsill, along with some other plants. Tanner loves drawing, video games, and movies. She’s attending college and could use help with school supplies. She has also asked for a crockpot and clothing, adding that she’d love to write a thank you note to her sponsor. Desarae is a 23-year-old student who is part of the Independent Living Program. She hopes to graduate with a psychology degree next year and loves Bath & Body Works products.

And there are many more in-need kids where those came from. We’re receiving new wish lists all the time and need all the help we can get to make Christmas miracles happen. Please consider pitching in by purchasing a child’s wish list or making a donation. Your support can make a huge difference in a child’s life this year, regardless of age.

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