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It’s Not Too Late To Join Fostering Christmas!

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Christmas presents under the tree
Help Fostering Christmas Bring Joy To Idaho Foster Kids

This year, Fostering Christmas is reaching for the top of the holiday tree with bigger goals than ever. 2021 has been almost as tough as 2020, but it was especially trying for the foster care system. The effects of the pandemic wreaked havoc on this fragile group. The writing is on the wall: We gave presents to 89 kids in the foster care system last year and spent $3,000 on stocking stuffers and toiletries. But that just won’t cut it this year. We need to do better.

And for that, we need your help. Yes, YOU! Our goal is simple: Give presents to every foster child in Ada and Canyon Counties that the Salvation Army can’t cover. (And this means any kid who goes into the system after Thanksgiving.) Newsletter Pro CEO Shaun Buck started doing this in 2014, and we call this “reaching the top of the tree.” Our partners are telling us there will be a higher demand than ever! So, we need every gift-giver, well-wisher, and post-sharer we can get to help with Fostering Christmas!

How can you help? Call 208-609-4554 or click this link to view available wish lists and instructions. You can make Christmas come true for a lucky child in need.

Please tell your friends, share this post, and help us hit our Fostering Christmas goal this year. Let’s bring Christmas to every foster child we can.

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